Govt Says Name on passport, visa should match

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Govt Says Name on passport, visa should match

H1-B petitions are filed at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Therefore, please contact that USCIS directly at for the list of documents that must be submitted to complete your official name change. For any questions related to U.S. visas, please feel free to write in to us at

When I took a passport for the first time, my surname and first name were printed correctly.

Due to damage to that passport, I obtained a re-issued passport, in which my surname was printed by omitting an alphabet and with a correct first name. I did not notice it then and applied for visiting visa and was issued a visa valid for 10 years. In the visa my name was printed in accordance with the re-issued passport, by omitting the same alphabet in my surname. I have visited the U.S. and returned.

On expiry of the latest passport, I have recently applied for renewal of passport, in which my name was printed correctly this time.

My visa expires in the next 4 years. But in my visa my surname is without one alphabet and latest passport has without omission of that particular alphabet. Can I visit the U.S. on the same visa? Do I need to apply for a correction in my visa? Should I have to apply for a new visa?

B. Yadagiri Rao

Under U.S. immigration law, the name on the passport and the name on the visa must match. If you have corrected your name, we recommend that you carry your old and new passports, along with legal proof of name correction to the port of entry.

Please note that the final determination of entry into the United States as well as the length of your allowed stay is determined by the Customs and Border Protection officer at the port of entry. You are also welcome to apply for a new visa even though your current visa has not expired.In that case, you would need to re-apply, complete a new DS-160, and pay the $160 fee anew.

You should be prepared to present the name-change documentation to the consular officer at your visa interview.

For further information please visit

My H-1B petition was approved under consular processing in December, 2016. I and my wife left the U.S. on January, 2017 to attend the H1B and H4 visa interviews in January, 2017 at the Chennai Consulate. I was issued a 221 (g) at the interview and my case was put under administrative processing. It has been more than a year now. How can I know the decision on our cases?

Anantharaman Sekar

Administrative processing is a routine step that many applications undergo, before a final decision can be made. This is true regardless of the Embassy or Consulate where the applicant attended his or her interview. The length of time for administrative processing varies significantly between applications and situations.

You may check on the status of your H1B visa application by contacting the call center at




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